Sarah Palin: The Enbodiment of a Fascist

In the midst of a crucial mid-term election we need to look at one of the influential women of the Republican / Tea Party movement affecting this election. Sarah Palin has managed to have influence on several of the Democratic races through her speaking venues, her book, supporting certain candidates and by critically trashing and ridiculing the opposing Democratic party (including the President of her own country). She calls it “being Patriotic” I call it hypocritical since a Patriot exercises loyalty to their commander and chief.

I see Sarah Palin as a tyrant fascist starved for constant media attention. Like a small child that cares not if the attention is positive or negative she (Palin) must get it one way or the other. The hypocrisy comes into the picture when she constantly bashes what she calls “the lamestream media” for misrepresenting her words although they are always in her quotes and she is always in front of a TV camera. Typical Republican!

Sarah Palin was Mayor of Wasilla, AK for a six-year term from 1996 to 2002. Wasilla is a small town with a population of 5,500. Palin became Governor of Alaska from 2006 until she resigned in 2009 that is the total bulk of her political experience.

In her first term Palin decided to cut her duties by hiring a deputy administrator to handle much of the town’s day-to-day management. Palin herself played down the demands of the job in response to residents who worried that her move to oust veteran officials would leave the town in the lurch. “It’s not rocket science,” Palin said, according to the town newspaper, the Frontiersman. “It’s only $6 million and 53 employees.”

Her top achievement as mayor was the construction of an ice rink, a project that landed in the courts and cost the city more than expected.

Palin’s first term as mayor of Wasilla began a series of political tactical moves described in any dictionary as ‘FASCIST‘.

Before Palin was even sworn in on Oct.14 she asked the city librarian Mary Ellen Emmons about possibly banning objectionable books from the library if the need arose. That was on Oct.1, 1996. Emmons replied she would object and so would others as this was a matter of the Constitution and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would get involved, too.  After that Emmons got a letter from Palin asking for her resignation.

On October 28th,1996 Palin, once again, tested the tactic during a City Council meeting where she shocked attendees by asking Mary Ellen in front of the crowd ‘What would your response be if I asked you to remove some books from the collection?” Once again, Mary Ellen sat up straight and said ‘The books in the Wasilla Library collection were selected on the basis of national selection criteria for libraries of this size, and “I would absolutely resist all efforts to ban books.” Emmons told Wasilla’s newspaper The Frontiersman: “I’m not trying to suppress anyone’s views,” Emmons said. “But I told her (Palin) clearly, I will fight anyone who tries to dictate what books can go on the library shelves.”

That Monday Palin said in a written statement she was only trying to get acquainted with her staff at the time. “Many issues were discussed, both rhetorical and realistic in nature.” I am sure she winked at someone when she said it.

“Palin also said censorship issues would not involve any departments other than the library.” How nice of her ! Once again the fascist tyrant actually thinks she has the right to go against the Constitution of the United States because, after all, she is Sarah Palin.

“There was no way that I thought it was rhetorical,” said Anne Kilkenny, who attended the meeting where Palin raised the issue. As a result no books were banned from the Wasilla Library.

In the weeks after Palin was sworn in she sent letters requesting resignations to police chief Irl Stambaugh, public works director Jack Felton and finance director Duane Dvorak. John Cooper, a fifth director, resigned after Palin eliminated his job overseeing the city museum.

Palin said she fired Police Chief Irl Stambaugh because he did not fully support her efforts to govern the city. She also told the Daily News back then the letters were just a test of loyalty as she took on the mayor’s job. A test of loyalty ? The only one that survived the loyalty test was Mary Ellen Emmons and a second test a few months later. She (Emmons) resigned in August 1999, two months before Palin was to start her second mayoral term. Chief Stambaugh is still trying to figure out the reason he was fired as he said he supported her position.

In January 1997, Palin requested that the city’s department heads, including Emmons, reapply for their positions. Though the censorship issue was not raised, some members of the community rallied behind Emmons and the librarian kept her job until she resigned three years later.

By fall 1997, Palin was once again upset with law enforcement, this time accusing some police officers of making improper background checks on her and other local politicians.

Palin’s vindictive personality has gained her some critics. They say she not only lacks a deep grasp of policy but engaged in political doublespeak when she first supported, then opposed, the fabled federal earmark project known as “the bridge to nowhere.” They say she has a vindictive streak, punishing those who do not share her agenda.

“Once you cross her, you’re off the list forever, and that’s not the way you get by in politics,” said state Sen. Hollis French, a Democrat.

And then, of course, there is the case of her brother-in-law  state trooper Michael Wooten, who was involved in a bitter domestic dispute with Palin’s sister. They would later divorce.

Palin’s own investigation of Wooten, in which she submitted a lengthy report to Alaska officials about alleged misdeeds of her brother-in-law that ranged from shooting a moose without a permit to drunken driving to using a Taser on his 11-year-old stepson. Also, Palin alleged that Wooten had made an explicit death threat against her father should he help arrange for an attorney to help his daughter get a divorce.

Wooten eventually was disciplined on several counts and suspended for five days. But after Palin took office as Governor, her staff continued to pressure the Alaska Department of Public Safety to fire Wooten, according to documentation released by the governor’s office.

And are you ready for this?

After not complying Walter Monehan, the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, lost his job. The state investigated to examine if Palin might have abused her power by forcing out her commissioner due to his reluctance to fire the trooper.

Below is the description from the dictionary of the word Fascist (her name should be next to it):


1. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

On The Sean Hannity Show Sarah Palin stated that Republicans must ensure that the public be aware that cutting taxes and getting government out of the way is the best way to fix our economy and they must communicate this in a relentless and aggressive way that they will fight against the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda. The tyranical, fascist Ruler speaks, again! She goes on to say “This is exactly what we conservatives want to see in our leaders”.

Her Republican comrades dismiss her as too undisciplined and erratic but on she goes, stepping on whoever is in  her way and continues with her huge Alaskan glazier-sized gaps of knowledge base (brain matter), incoherent rhetoric, inciting violence wherever she can inject it into her speeches and to hell with what is morally right for the masses she influences. Her way or the highway! Like a true fascist!

Not to get off thesis but I can’t contain myself. Her ego! OMG! What an ego to compare herself as a ‘reluctant prophet’ as written in her book, ‘Queen Esther’ from the bible and she actually believes her political success was divinely ordained: “There are no coincidences” is a favorite maxim.

Sara Palin is the embodiment of a true fascist mind. The fact that on the road and on stage she always thanks her “prayer warriors” for keeping her “covered” and “providing a prayer shield” for asking God to direct an unseen battle between forces of light and darkness, literal angels and demons that some Christians believe is occurring all around us, speaks to how even in her symbolism she must be in control.

A central figure in Sarah Palin’s maniacal world is pastor Lou Engle right-wing activist who identifies himself as a prayer warrior and is a true believer of dominionist theology. Dominion theologists believe,”that Christians alone are Biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns–and there is no consensus on when that might be.” That, in a nutshell, is the idea of “dominion-ism.” They are fundamentalists. Sarah Palin believes in dominion theology. She believes God divinely ordained her with the power of ascendancy over the masses and she is doing a great job of it. To dominate the crowds for her dominance and her agenda despite how violent the crowds react or how many people are hurt or how she divides our country each and every day she stands at a podium and calls our President a terrorist or how it makes our country look to the rest of the world is to be a total embodiment of a true blue fascist.  God help us if she ever became President.

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: The Enbodiment of a Fascist

  1. Well said. There is danger here. Her personality traits are frightening–vindicative, temperamental, controlling, egomaniacal. Top that off with her questionable intelligence, and you have a recipe for disaster.

  2. I wonder if she speaks in tongues, also?

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