2010 Label GM Foods Voting List:

We’ve added some more names to the list of elected reps who we believe support the labeling of GM Foods.

Also, here is the link to find out where your local candidates stand on the issue of labeling of GM foods.  You can click on your state where it says “FIND THE POLITICIANS ANSWERS HERE.”  You can also submit the GM survey directly to your candidates by filling out the form.


And if you would like to help support the Label GM Food Voting Bloc please consider buying a Label GM Foods bumper sticker.   We will send you one with any size contribution over $5 (you can view a  photo at the bottom):  http://www.votingbloc.org/contribute.php


2010 Label GM Foods Voting List:


Rep. Doris Matsui – CA

Rep. Rosa DeLauro – CT

Sen. McCaskill-Missouri

Rep. Bob Filner – California

Rep. Jane Harman – California

Rep. Maurice Hinchey – NY

Rep. Raul Grijalva – AZ

Rep. Lynn Woolsey – CA

Sen. Bernie Sanders – VT

Rep. Jackie Speier – CA

Rep. Dennis Kucinich – OH

Rep. Bobby Rush – IL

Sen. Maria Cantwell – WA

Rep. Jay Inslee – WA

Rep. Brian Baird – WA

Eleanor Norton [D-DC]

Steve Cohen [D-TN9]

Peter DeFazio [D-OR4]

Bob Filner [D-CA51]

Barney Frank [D-MA4]

Barbara Lee [D-CA9]

Zoe Lofgren [D-CA16]

Nita Lowey [D-NY18]

Carolyn Maloney [D-NY14]

Edward Markey [D-MA7]

James McDermott [D-WA7]

Chellie Pingree [D-ME1]

Linda Sánchez [D-CA39]

Fortney Stark [D-CA13]

Label GM Food Bumper Sticker

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