The Tea Party/GOP Agenda

The Tea Party/GOP Agenda

1.) Eliminate Women’s Right to Choose –  Even in cases of rape and incest.

2.) Eliminate Civil Rights – Bigotry Enshrined as Law.

3.) Eliminate Public Education – Have retired Grandparents “HomeSchool” children.

4.) Eliminate Pell Grants – College Tax Credits.

5.) Eliminate Minimum Wage.

6.) Eliminate Labor Unions – Right to Collective Bargain – OSHA.

7.) Eliminate Environmental Protections – EPA, Clean Air, Nuke Power, Dirty Coal, Off Shore Drilling.

8.) Eliminate Social Safety Net – SSI Disability, Eugenics.

9.) Eliminate US Jobs – Outsourcing to Totalitarian Governments..Control Labor Costs.

10.) Eliminate Corporate and Financial Regulations  – Planetary destruction in pursuit of greed.

11.) Eliminate Separation of Church and State.

12.) Increase Retirement Age.

13.) Make no investment in America’s Infrastructure.

14.) Embrace yet fail to disclose Millions in foreign / multi-national Corporate money for negative Campaign Ads.

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