I Remember !

Everything is on the line on Tuesday. We have to make our mission to make sure every Democratic voter gets to the polls. We’ve been in the field all weekend talking to voters and I can tell you that there is a Democratic groundswell happening out here.

Our targeting director just updated me on our early voter programs, and in key battleground districts we are outpacing the Republicans. I just heard from some of our staff on the ground in key battleground races — enthusiasm is at an all-time high as voters are learning the truth about the extremist GOP candidates, and they are now voting Democratic.

Make no mistake about it. Based on everything we’re seeing out here in the field and in our early vote projections: There is a shocker in the making.

It all comes down to turnout — and we have the strongest people-powered movement ever assembled — please join us in making the next 24 hours the difference between victory and defeat for Democrats nationwide.

You can’t sit on the sidelines — we need you in this game. How you can help…

Watch this powerful new video “I Remember” and share it with your friends and family.

This helps remind voters why voting Democratic on November 2nd is so important.

Make calls with our virtual phonebank — you can be the difference even if you don’t live near a battleground race.

Find a local Get Out the Vote event — volunteer to make sure every possible door is knocked and every voter is contacted.

Get involved on Facebook — Make sure you post voting reminders to your Democratic friends on Facebook. Change your profile pic to “I’m Voting Democratic” — post our GOTV video and more.

And I have to ask — we’re still short of wiring some funds to some races who are in desperate need of cash in some additional districts where we’ve seen this late surge of Democratic momentum. If you can rush an emergency Protect the Vote donation, it will be put to work immediately.

The money you give online today will be settled in our bank account for us to wire to campaigns today.

Contribute now or get involved, but whatever you do — don’t forget to vote on Tuesday.

Let’s shock the world on Tuesday.

Thank you,

Taryn Rosenkranz
DCCC Membership

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