Food Bill S-510 The Evil Bill by Richard Smith

The most evil bill in American history

Posted on November 19, 2010 by

By Richard Smith

S 510 includes, at a minimum:

  • A hidden take over of all seed in the US – the end of the country’s control over its food and ensuring all GMOs – corporate owned crops;
  • The use of DHS and DOD – animal disease or contamination as a pretext for martial law;
  • The extermination of normal farm animals in case of an emergency (to replace with patented GE-animals and force GMO meat);
  • The surreptitious arrangement for mandating of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, irradiation of all food and GMO farming;
  • Deceitfully forcing the US under the WTO to end its sovereignty over its own economic policy, resources, energy, health, food;
  • The theft of all US farmland via false “traceability” requirements which force farmers onto international contracts that remove their property rights;
  • The removal of nutritional supplements because they are the proven superior treatments for cancer, diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, heart disease, and are essential for preventing disease – ensuring greatly increased illnesses for corporate profit;
  • A corporate court outside the judicial system over all Americans, with unlimited penalties and no recourse – ending democratic rights in the US.

Food safety is a corporate lie, and already comes with violence against those providing safe food.

Biotech, agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations, though they have corrupted government and courts, rigged markets, bribed officials, made closed door arrangements that undo democratic processes, destroyed independent scientists, had independent had armed men go after researchers, and hired military thugs, appear to have tired of even the sham of democratic processes they hide behind, and now are seeking laws that would give them total power and remove the most basic constitutional rights.

In India, under the proposed Biotech Regulatory Authority of India, BRAI, they would imprison anyone questioning GMOs in food or vaccines or drugs.

In Canada, under C-36, a “product safety” bill, they would end the rule of law. See

S 510 is part of this international corporate assault on constitutional rights that stand between them and nations’ land and natural resources.  In the proposed EU and Canadian trade agreement, the biotech industry wishes to merely allege a farmer has violated intellectual property rights and seize his land, equipment and freeze his bank accounts, making it impossible for him to defend himself. Through S 510, the industry wants to apply any penalty it chooses.

These corporate moves follow the outsourcing of manufacturing firms and jobs, an economic crash, the mortgage disaster, stolen billions in “bailouts”, and porous US borders in order to bring in cheap labor.  The World Trade Organization has gone so far as to say that country of origin is obsolete, revealing their undemocratic vision of global governance by corporations.

And S 510 is in the service of that, meant to break down the last remaining, most essential industry in the US — food production.  They will have globalized even food production and made the country depend on corporations for its very survival.  If that can be accomplished, the sky’s the limit in terms of profit and political control.

This is consistent with totalitarian plans designed by Bush and others, “… the new frontier of colonialism in the 21st century – the total domination and exploitation of the earth and everything on it ….”  The “biomasters” seek control over biodiversity itself now, and are buying control over governments and universities. What they have not patented, especially if it is valuable, they are trying to criminalize through extremes of inappropriate regulatory power, attempting now in the EU (again through “food safety”) to end people’s rights to even use nature, and in the US, attempting through S 510 to regulate the right to produce or obtain safe food or nutritional necessities.


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