Tornado Comming my Way !

Tornado in Boone Co. and Winnebago Co. N.IL Monday 11-22-10

I woke up Monday morning to the weather report alerting that there would be a tornado watch most of the day Monday 11-22-10. I though “No biggy it’s November”. Halfway through the day I went grocery shopping and as I get in my car I looked at the sky noticing a storm brewing to the west which would be Rockford,IL. So, I drive off thinking “I should get home before a pour down starts” when my cell rang. My youngest daughter living in Rockford says “Mom there is a tornado headed your way and its traveling on Hwy 173”. Hwy 173 comes right into the middle of the town I live in so, I head for home. As I turn on to the street I live, which is on high ground, I can see west approximately 30 miles which at the end of the view I saw a huge funnel cloud . Not the skinny ones you see on the weather channel this was very wide on top and tapering down to the ground. I had seen smaller tornadoes but this thing flabbergasted me and I hoped it would not reach my small town of 5000 people.

Below is what I saw from 30 miles away:

Well, thank God it didn’t but it did touch down in the town west of me called Caledonia, IL.

Today I went to see the damage and took the pictures below. At the bottom of this article is the link to the Newspaper article and 43 pictures of the damage done by this tornado. Luckily no one died, some children were hurt with minor injuries and that was all.

The house below (whats left of it) was occupied at the time by a father and his daughter watching TV when he heard the tornado he grabbed his daughter and his dog and literally dove down the stairs towards the basement. The room where they were sitting is no longer there. All their belongings spread throughout the farm land.

Below is the half of the house where dad, daughter and doggy were. He moved just in time..eerrie  !

Below is the Town’s silo. Sucked the air right out of one and left the others undisturbed.

Below what seems to be a flattened roof used to be a large building behind the silos.

Below is a building – unknown ed as to what it was used for.

Below across the street from the silo.

The link below is to the report from the Rockford Register Star with many more pictures:

A tornado in November in N.IL is very unusual but this is the second year this has happened.

Please, be tender with our Planet it is giving us a sign that we are not behaving responsibly.

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One thought on “Tornado Comming my Way !

  1. mike dvorsky / @pink_mike on said:

    Amazing pics, Maggie! I’m not to far, Aurora area, and we saw the sky get dark real fast, but not any reports of tornados by us. Glad you and you’re town are okay! mike

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