7 Actions, for Health Freedom and Food Freedom

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Two Sides of the Coin: Health Freedom Needs You Now and
You Need Health Freedom As Never Before

America has the poorest health of any part of the advanced industrialized world – and the most industrialized “phude” [food] in the world.  We are a horrifyingly heavily vaccinated country and we have cataclysmic incidence of autism, neurological and developmental disorders and cancers.

We take more prescription drugs for mental and emotional states than any other country in the world at younger and younger ages, yet our rates of suicide and homicide are staggeringly high. 12% of US couples of reproductive age are infertile despite access to adequate macronutrients. Macular Degeneration, Lou Gherig’s Disease, arthritis and other auto immune diseases, heart and vascular disease all strike younger and younger people more frequently. Our illness management system does its best to cover-up the horror to no avail. Even the World Health Organization recognizes the deadly degenerative diseases that are killing us as “the non-communicable preventable diseases of under nutrition”, acknowledging that our PHUDE, while abundant, is so depleted and toxic that it is, quite literally, deadly.  The mission of the FDA, the most dangerous agency in the vast arsenal of dangerous and corrupt US and international agencies, is strictly and solely to promote profitable drugs for profitable illnesses.

Your well being is of little or no concern to the FDA, EPA, WHO, FTC and other drug-dependent agencies.  These agencies pursue policies designed to weaken your immune system and, quite literally, kill you.

Why?  Because all of the money is in your illness and death.  Virtually none of it is in your health and well-being.

All of the industries that these agencies regulate and control are, in fact, designed to get you out of the way so that your profitability (greatest when you are sick) does not get in the way of their profitibility (greatest when they can do exactly what they want, as Monsanto, Merck and BP have shown us in recent months!)

Not only is the fox guarding the hen house, the fox has decided that if most of the hens were dead (that would be you) that the fox could use the hen house for a fox destination resort.

The hen house needs help.  The fox struts about making regulations and designating this or that nutrient an “unapproved” drug [thus banning it], approving this or that new GMO PHUDE, purchasing and then attempting to deploy this or that vaccine (killing some unborn babies along the way and creating asthmatic, arthritic and autistic kid-customers along the way, of course – but that’s just life and death in the hen house, right?)

And funding?  The fox and friends are funded up the proverbial wazoo, you may rest assured.  We, the Health Freedom hens in that hen house, are, of course, not funded. Except by you.

That’s where your donations come in.  Right now, as we start to plan to attend our next Codex meeting in the spring we are staring at empty pockets.  The Trustees take no salaries, nor do the volunteers.  But phone & Internet communications, office, travel and other expenses are very real and, as you know, increasingly costly. It costs several thousand dollars a month just to maintain our Internet presence, these Action eAlerts and the Action Item “Educate Decision Makers” systems — the very systems we all use together to effect that PUSH BACK that has made a significant difference in the struggle for Health and Food Freedom!

Here’s the List of the Seven Vital Actions You Need to Take and Then Forward to All Your Contacts So They Can Do the Same.

After Each Action Item You Will Find A Link to an
Article With Background and Substantiating Information

1. Hold FDA Officials, Big Pharma Companies, Executives
Legally Responsible For Damage Caused By Vaccines


More information here:


2. Prevent House From Funding Food Fascism Bill
Support Congressman Kingston’s Resistance to
Industrializing the Entire US Food Supply


More information here:


3. Tell Your State Legislators to Reassert State Sovereignty
Over Control of Food and Food Safety – Constitutionally!


More information here:


4. Support Bills to Ban Frankenfish
Require Labeling (Now Forbidden by FDA)


More information here:


5. Ban GMOs – A Dangerous, Untested, Unnecessary, Globalist Technology
Before All DNA on the Planet is Contaminated —


More information here:


6 . Say “NO!” to Imposed Vaccinations!


More information here:


7 . Demand FDA Leave Our IV Drip Vitamins Alone!


More Information here:


Are You Willing to Let the Globalists Control Your Food?

Donate to Support the Natural Solutions Foundation


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Donate whatever you can afford each week or month.  You make the decision.
This is a long battle and we need the resources to fight it – and win.


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2 thoughts on “7 Actions, for Health Freedom and Food Freedom

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  2. Ken Edwards on said:

    I was involved in a protest in Oregon about 15 years ago and rallied against the local gov. for trying to regulate herbs and nutritional supliments through the pharmacies. I engineered the action to take and we won the battle! However, I’m stuck here in the bible belt area, (my home town in VA.), and I have to say that it cannot be done here. The people here are too narrow-minded to even see what’s going on around them.
    I want to move to a place where my skills in holistic health would be of value. I would be interested in moving to Panama to live and work with your federation. Is there a way I can do that? My email address is kingkyaya@yahoo.com. Thanks for your response, Ken

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