Send an email to end wasteful subsidies to agribusiness.

Send an email to end wasteful subsidies to agribusiness.

Click here to send an email

I saw an ad campaign last week that really made my blood boil: In subway stops near the U.S. Senate offices, big agribusiness plastered the walls with pictures of happy, hard working American farmers — and here’s the problem with those ads:

  1. They’re deceitful. The ads champion family farms, but their intent is to preserve $10 billion a year in subsidies that go primarily to the largest megafarms — companies like Monsanto and Cargill. [1]
  2. They’re clouding the debate. We’ve spent $245 billion on these subsidies over the last 15 years, and now when we can least afford it some of the biggest corporations in the country are continuing to get taxpayer handouts. [2]
  3. They just might work. Congress is trending toward cutting subsidies — which is why these guys are worried — but it’s far from a sure thing.

That’s why I need your help to make sure Congress doesn’t buy the lies. Click here to email your senators today.

These subsidies only cover about one-third of the crops that U.S. farms produce every year — corn and soybeans being the big ones. So, farmers of most fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry receive little government assistance. [3]

Yet Cargill, the largest privately owned corporation in America — which recently reported quarterly profits of $1.49 billion — received subsidies worth $51 million in 2005-2006. [4] And because Cargill is a family-held corporation, it counts as a “family farm” in USDA statistics.

There is something very wrong with that picture.

Please take a minute to email your senators today. Together, we can stop the handouts.


Andre Delattre
U.S. PIRG Executive Director

P.S. Thanks for your support.  Please feel free to share this message with your friends and family.

[1] Here’s an easy one, New York Times, Jan. 15, 2011.
[2] Farm subsidy database, Environmental Working Group.
[3] Geoffrey S. Becker, “Farm Community Programs: A Short Primer,” Congressional Research Service, March 19, 2001.
[4] Cargill reports second-quarter fiscal 2011 earnings, Jan. 12, 2011; Farm bill beneficiaries include urban dwellers, Minneapolis StarTribune, Oct. 28, 2007.

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6 thoughts on “Send an email to end wasteful subsidies to agribusiness.

  1. To get a good look at how this works check here:

  2. Some Basic Facts about the USDA and How it Fails to Protect Americans from the Dangerous Effects of Genetically Modified Foods, Dangerous Chemical Ingredients and Meat from Factory Farms (CAFOs) is also good to get some history

      • done–just sent & signed. btw, i just sent u a note under the “about” section of this blog, didn’t mean to sound like a spook (hah i was reading WIlliam Gibson’s sci fi novel “Spook Country” yeah it’s a bit unsettling!)…..anyhoo, i support all the food-fascist-fighting that u are struggling agaisnt—-MONSANTO is just about the most egregious of all of these B@stard$..!..but i was hoping more info re: who you are & perhaps ur network? u can find me @ the facdbookie-link below or my page at an activist-artist group called ArtsRightsJustice (part of the fD network):

      • Love your photos !

  3. hi Maggie thanx 4 the compliment re: my photo/art works, i’m guessing u saw them on my fbookie page? I’m so utterly unorganized that i didn’t see ur response here until today–then i looked @ ur time/date stamp-thingie & noticed u responded a month ago, whew. I’m so unorganized it’s scary; i’m still trying to finish graduate school yet deal w/ alotta health issues, and my online activity always contributes as much to getting organized as to being scattered. Oi.
    –Btw, great to see the info u posted on Bachmann; i’m guessing she’ll be HUGELY POPULAR w/ the $hrubs because she’s another ‘angry pretty face that spouts generalities’–that seems to be what the voting public loves most.
    Oi yet again. i just hope Mvrd0ck’s crappola causes ratings drops and or SOME change from the usual ‘Fox News Tells duhMerica What to Think’—-SO on a positive note, what have u heard re: Van Jones/Dream movement? i guess i should go read some info on daily Kos, but whenever i go to Kos’ website, i just get sidetracked & interested in too many more issues that i’ll obsess over! Did u see that he (Kos) was on Thom Hartmann’s show on RT network awhile ago?

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