I Have a “Bi – Cycle” Connection


U & I cycle at similar time measurements (althought not exactly the same).

The day we woke up to clean just the curtains we were riding at the same pace. I left for WalMart for the cleaning products and when I came back you were going full blast on energy and sweat. U had been cleaning the entire living room by the time I returned. Way too Funny !

So, I started my thinking analysis machine as to why U were so different in just a 1/2 hour ( Since I want to know U ) and this is what I came up with:

As TIME goes by I have noticed that all persons have a cycle of energy burst of Highs & Lows at same intervals every day (unless interrupted by disease or exterrior trauma).

At normal stable times two people can share those highs and lows (Like when we fall asleep together while watching a movie we just planned to watch ). This cycling together is an un-noticed part of most relationships ( Since we are trained to believe in just what we see ).

Cycling explains why if there is nothing to do but watch TV you tend to go out for a smoke more often than when working on a project. Smoking gives your brain the “OK” (or excuse) to Cycle Fast for that period of time. Cycling explains why you have to get up and GO out….Anywhere.
Cycling explains the difference in frequency of two people when you want to do something and the other person does not – This instance tells you the other persons cycle time pattern and the difference to your own.

Two people can use each other and ride on the others cycle – ( BI – CYCLE ).
When one is low on energy and the other on their HIGH cycle ( if the two people have bonded ) the ‘Low Rider’ can literally hop on the mates cycle and ride along with. Which explains why we BOTH ended up cleaning the entire living room in 7 hours – Im laughing now !

At times I have seen you ride your HIGH wave for so long that I thought U should stabilize a bit and so I say “NO” to going out and bring U down to my cycle frequency ( which is less often than Urs ) by offering a slower frequency solution. It’s then Ur choice to take it or leave it.

My next statement is in no way meant as a derrogatory remark just what I notice in people.

Because Frequency Cycling is not a seen notion in relationships people still experience it and tend to be attracted to other persons with a more similar FC pattern like their own. Mind you we are only speaking of ENERGY CYCLE PATTERNS. Being attracted to same FC patterns is good unless Ur pattern is too high or too low – U tend to B a burnout or a fizzle out. And this is where two people in a relationship ( no matter what kind of relationship ) can abuse anothers cycle pattern. If Ur too Low and tend to hang-out with too Low FCs U are enabling each other to stay exactly where U are – LOW FREQUENCY. If you are too High and tend to hang-out with High FCs U are enabling each other to burn Ur candle at High till it burns out.

Relationships are best when there is a one third difference in the pattern between two people – if they are bonded for a positive goal – they can manipulate each other to ride each other’s WAVE frequency when it is needed to maintain one’s self or the relationship itself. If both are watching out for this they can tend to each other’s needs and ride the  BI – CYCLE to many happy places.

Love & Peace !


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