BACK TO BASICS – Sustainability –

We ( humans ) need to rapidly get back to basics.  We are loosing generations that cannot even fathom what “back to basics” is. Basics is what sustainability is about. If we do not teach our children to teach their children to live by the basics we are in danger of loosing our human race and ruin the very ground that was meant to sustain us (our planet).

We have been so brainwashed – addicted- into being entertained, fast foods, the so called “EFFICIENT’ mode and the ‘FASTER’ way of  things that we never even saw how we were manipulated into being robots for the purpose of being capitalized till there is nothing left of the human race.  The Struggle for Power. As if Power ever brought us (humans) anything good for humanity or our planet.

Sustainability is the capacity of humans to endure.  Wikipedia

Before there was religion. culture, societies, migration, politics, monetary systems, urbanization there was The Basics; Food and Procreation. Today it is still the same but it has been covered with a blanket of so many novelties and innovations that we no longer see the forest from the trees. I would like to say ” We were robbed of our basics” but the fact is that we allowed the greedy to take it from us in exchange for what we thought was an easier and faster mean. Have you noticed.. there isn’t one ?

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