Sorry folks, but Monsanto Michael Taylor has got to go!








Sorry folks, but Monsanto Michael Taylor has got to go!


43,000 farmers and citizens  Tell Obama that Michael Taylor has got to go.

It’s time for Real CHANGE in Washington – click here to automatically add your name to kick Monsanto’s minion out of the FDA!

Petition text:

I urge President Obama to fire FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor for failing to protect America’s food supply.


It’s been a busy few weeks here at Food Democracy Now!. On Wednesday we asked you to make a call to your Senators to stand up for fair market contracts for farmers. Incredibly, more than 1,200 phone calls were made to the U.S. Senate! As a result, the Senate Appropriations Committee agreed to pass the new USDA rules on GIPSA out of committee for a floor vote, which may come up as early as next week.

We’ll need your help then to make sure these vital rules for keeping family farmers on the land and building a healthy, safe local food system survive.

At the same Senate committee hearing, Senators urged the FDA to finalize their rules on the use of antibiotics in factory farms that pose “a serious public health threat.” You’ll never guess whose desk those urgent rules are gathering dust on – that’s right, Michael Taylor.

Fortunately, the call for FDA Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor’s resignation is picking up steam. Already more than 43,000 farmers, citizens and Food Democracy Now! members have signed the petition calling on President Obama to fire Michael Taylor for putting family dairy farmers in the crosshairs of his federal agency while letting giant factory farm violators with massive food safety outbreak violations off without even a fine.

Join 43,000 Food Democracy Now! members in the call for Food Safety Czar Michael Taylor’s resignation. If you’ve already done so, please pass onto 3 of your friends!

It’s one thing to have worked as lawyer and super lobbyist for Monsanto in the past, helping slip GMOs and rBGH into our food stream, and another thing to be an appointed official in the Obama administration and continue the legacy of putting corporate profits over people’s health.

By continuing the obscene focus on policing small family dairy farms, a decision which Taylor defended in front of a big DC PR firm, but letting factory farm violators off, Michael Taylor has confirmed his reputation as someone who cares more about the illusion of food safety and helping promote corporate concentration of our food supply than he does about making America’s food safe for you and your families.

This type of disproportionate response to risk and scope of violations that punishes tiny family farm operations with excessive scrutiny and fines, while allowing dangerous factory farm conditions off scot-free clearly indicates that this administration is on the wrong track when it comes to protecting our nation’s food supply.

The good news, our friends at CREDO Action were outraged by these raids on family farms as much as we were and they decided to make it a priority for their members as well. We’re working together to hold this administration accountable, join us!

Please add your name to help us reach 50,000 voices for real change at the FDA. It’s time for a change in this administration, one that puts people’s health over corporate profits.

Click here to sign the petition to ask President Obama to retire Michael Taylor from his job as Food Czar at the FDA. America can’t afford another bad decision and your own and your child’s health may just depend on it.

Healthy food should be about people, not corporations. So while food policy decisions are often bankrolled by Big Ag, Food Democracy Now! is funded by you. Please consider donating to help us continue this vital work to protect farmers and our food supply.

Thanks for participating in food democracy,

Dave, Lisa and the Food Democracy Now! Team

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2 thoughts on “Sorry folks, but Monsanto Michael Taylor has got to go!

  1. And now I’ve been reading about plans to introduce insect genes into sheep to aid with breeding and meat production. No one ever asked me to vote for that!!

  2. Thank you for your comment – We have to bring Monsanto and Dupont down. Bayer is also part of the biotech industry modifying Nature’s genes.

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