Tea Party organization has created a new “Super PAC”

TO: Grassroots Activists
FROM: Crystal King, Political Director

PROBLEM: Yesterday, a major Tea Party group announced the launch of a SuperPAC, “FreedomWorks for America.” This group is planning a $20 million campaign dedicated to electing candidates in the mold of Jim DeMint and Rand Paul. They could spend even more. Thanks to the Citizens United decision, this PAC can spend unlimited money attacking our candidates.

THIS IS DIFFERENT: Unlike many other organizations, this well-funded group will focus on the most extreme, right-wing candidates. In fact, the PAC is already pledging support for Tea Party-Republican Senate candidates in Texas, Arizona and Florida.

IF THEY WIN: The Tea Party takes over the Senate, just like the House. The current Senate firewall blocking their dangerous agenda would be gone. Led by FreedomWorks’ new senators, they would end Medicare, privatize Medicaid, stop unemployment benefits, repeal health care reform, roll back civil rights, and shutter the EPA.

HOW WE WIN: Fulfill every fundraising goal, especially the one coming at midnight on Sept. 30. It’s the only way we can fight them head-to-head in every state. Otherwise, we hand over states – and likely the majority – to the GOP.

WHY: Because the DSCC is currently protecting 23 seats, under a razor-thin four-seat majority. We have to meet monthly budgets to stay ahead of the Republicans. Also, if the GOP gains a fundraising advantage, it can create runaway momentum before campaign season even starts.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: More than 90% of the DSCC’s contributions come from grassroots supporters. We absolutely can’t hold the Senate without your help. Please give $5, $10 or whatever you can. We still need to raise $465,000 by midnight Friday to stop the Tea Party takeover.

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