A Letter from Donna Brazile

Maggie —

If President Obama found a cure for the common cold, Republicans would oppose it.

Almost every policy the President has proposed to create jobs, reform Wall Street, and preserve Social Security and Medicare has been opposed by Republicans — even, perhaps especially, programs they once championed.

Meanwhile, House Democrats have been fighting for policies that help working folk. Their fight for progressive values that empower people, not corporations, has made them the target of vicious attacks from right wing groups and secretive billionaires like the Koch Brothers.

Now, they need your help.

We’re just 5 days out from the October 31st FEC fundraising deadline and my friends at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) are $665,791 short of their $1 Million grassroots goal.

Contribute $3 or more today to take on Tea Party Republicans that are blocking President Obama’s jobs plan >>

The media and Washington political analysts will view our fundraising totals as an indication of the level of grassroots support for the President’s agenda. We must have a powerful showing.

Your contribution today demonstrates that the Democratic Party is united and determined to support President Obama and his policies for moving America forward.

The Tea Party — and the corporations and secretive billionaires that fund it — are building a brick wall between the American people and President Obama’s jobs plan – a plan that economists and the public agree will put Americans to work.

Please contribute $3 or more today to help us tear down that wall.

Let’s tell the Republicans the party’s over — it’s time that Congress goes to work to help the American people get the work that will provide a decent living for their families.

Send a message to the Tea Party Republicans by sending your contribution right now.

Thank you.

Donna Brazile

Contribute Today

Contributions or gifts to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee are not tax deductible.


Paid for by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee | 430 South Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003
(202) 863-1500 | www.dccc.org | Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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