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Stop NOM's Toxic TacticsHere’s the smoking gun.

We’ve long known that the so-called National Organization for Marriage‘s strategy is to pit Americans against Americans in its drive to enact its anti-gay political agenda.  Now, just-revealed internal strategy memos document how NOM has spent years — and millions — working to “drive a wedge between gays and blacks — two key Democratic constituencies” to exploit racism and homophobia in its attacks on LGBT Americans.

NOM also sought to “interrupt” the “process of assimilation” of Latinos by using anti-gay propaganda to turn Latinos against gay families — and gay family members! NOM’s ruthlessness masked as religion is the core of its “Marriage: $20 Million Strategy for Victory” pitch for even more money to funnel into more fights.

Exposure of NOM’s corrosive wedge strategy — its contempt for our families, including gay people of color, its immoral attacks — makes the work of Freedom to Marry more important than ever.

Maggie, will you make a donation today to help us combat NOM’s $20 million campaign to divide gays from African-Americans and Latinos and roll back our wins?

It’s clear from their own words that NOM, fueled by a shadowy handful of secret funders, will stop at nothing, including pitting minority against minority, family members against family members. It’s a strategy they’ve employed in state after state where gay Americans and allies have had to fight back against brutal and well-financed campaigns of lies and distortion.

Despite NOM’s efforts — and because of the work of Freedom to Marry and partner organizations — gay couples can now marry in six states and the District of Columbia, with more states poised to join that list. We’ve counteracted NOM’s poison and grown support for marriage so that a majority of Americans, including growing numbers of African Americans and Latinos, stand with us.

To continue pushing back against NOM’s corrupt politics of division and win the freedom to marry nationwide, we need you.

Please don’t let NOM’s toxic tactics go any further. Make a donation today:

Thanks for all you do,

Evan Wolfson

Founder & President, Freedom to Marry


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