Paul Ryan’s Sugar Daddy

48 hours. That’s all the time it took for newly-minted Vice Presidential running mate Paul Ryan to get cozy with political puppet-master Sheldon Adelson.  Tonight, Ryan is attending a fundraiser at Adelson’s Venetian Casino in Las Vegas.

Adelson and his wife Miriam have shelled out an obscene $36.3 million to advance their own political agenda so far this election. And they’re blocking reporters from attending tonight’s fundraiser, breaking the campaign’s own promise to the press.

Share this image on your Facebook wall, taking a stand against Adelson and his dirty money politics.

Given Adelson has promised to donate up to $100 million this election, we can expect a check with a lot of zeros being handed to the new Veep candidate. But at what cost? Adelson thinks he can buy our democracy behind closed doors, one candidate at a time. But what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

Adelson going all-in

Politicians don’t want us to notice that they are selling out to billionaire donors. So let’s make it clear that we’re watching them. By sharing this image with our Facebook communities, we’ll send a message that we’re sick to death of special interest groups ruining our democracy. We see Adelson’s $100 million bribe and raise him 100,000 American voters.

Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, Adelson is buying politicians for his own self-interest—not for yours. Help us spread the message that Adelson’s bribery will not go unnoticed. The more eyes on Adelson and Ryan today – the better.  Help us achieve our goal of reaching 100,000 people.

Share this image to spread the word about Adelson’s dirty money.

Keeping an eye on politicians and big donors is only the beginning. Over the coming months, we’ll unPAC our Presidential election.

Dirty money is upping the ante. So are we. 


Josh, Matt, Megan and the unPAC team

P.S. Remember to Join our Facebook community to be part of a growing task-force holding politicians accountable for the special interests that bankroll them.




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