Early voting dates for all States

Did you know that the outcome of the election could be decided well before November 6? Early voting has begun in the battleground state of Ohio. Early voting began last week in Iowa and will begin soon in other key states.

In 2008, Barack Obama substantially outperformed John McCain in the early voting, an important part of his victory.

Don’t let time run out! Check the chart below and find out when and if early voting is allowed in your state.

State Early Voting Period Absentee Ballot Deadline
Alabama N/A November 1st
Alaska October 22nd – November 6th November 6th
Arizona October 11th – November 2nd October 26th
Arkansas October 22nd – November 5th November 5th
California October 8th – November 6th October 30th
Colorado October 22nd – November 2nd November 2nd
Connecticut N/A November 5th
Delaware N/A November 5th
District of Columbia October 22nd – November 3rd October 30th
Florida October 27th – November 4th October 31st
Georgia October 15th – November 2nd November 6th
Hawaii October 23rd – November 3rd October 30th
Idaho September 21st – November 2nd October 31st
Illinois October 22nd – November 3rd November 5th
Indiana October 9th – November 5th October 29th
Iowa September 27th – November 5th November 2nd
Kansas October 17th – November 5th November 2nd
Kentucky N/A October 30th
Louisiana October 23rd – October 30th November 2nd
Maine N/A November 1st
Maryland October 27th – November 1st October 30th
Massachusetts N/A November 5th
Michigan N/A November 3rd
Minnesota N/A November 5th
Mississippi N/A November 3rd
Missouri N/A November 5th
Montana October 9th – November 5th November 5th
Nebraska October 1st – November 5th October 31st
Nevada October 20th – November 2nd October 30th
New Hampshire N/A N/A
New Jersey Date Ballots Available – November 5th October 30th
New Mexico October 9th – November 3rd November 2nd
New York N/A November 5th
North Carolina October 18th – November 3rd October 30th
North Dakota October 22nd – November 5th November 5th
Ohio October 2nd – November 2nd November 3rd
Oklahoma November 2nd – November 5th October 31st
Oregon N/A N/A
Pennsylvania N/A October 30th
Rhode Island N/A October 16th
South Carolina N/A November 2nd
South Dakota September 21st – November 6th November 6th
Tennessee October 17th – November 1st October 30th
Texas October 22nd – November 2nd October 30th
Utah October 23rd – November 2nd November 2nd
Vermont September 24th – November 5th November 5th
Virginia N/A November 3rd
Washington N/A N/A
West Virginia October 24th – November 3rd October 31st
Wisconsin October 22nd – November 2nd November 1st
Wyoming September 27th – November 5th November 5th

Data compiled from Can I Vote (www.canivote.org/), a nonpartisan project by The National Association of Secretaries of State — www.nass.org/.

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