Maggie Stewart resides in northern Illinois blogging towards civil rights and United States Congress Bills and activities.
Stewart is a Liberal Democrat and a civil rights activist since the age of 17yrs. in Berkeley, California.
Has marched for Liberal causes in just about every Metro city in the US.
Stewart believes in World Peace and a Green Planet and yes she is an Old Hippie from way back then.

A very happy person, raw foodist, organic consumer, vegan and ,if that just can’t be enough, she is a strong advocate for Medical Marijuana.

Other blogs you might find of interest: “The MagPie Gazette” http://wp.me/p14V9a-7y“Nutrition Byte” http://wp.me/1g4gm

If you find interest in any of the postings please, feel free to leave a comment.

Peace !


4 thoughts on “About

  1. hello, gr8 to see the work ur doing—-exposing & fighting the policies of Greed-Barron$ like Mon$anto & their slimey pals!! but when i hit the “about” button on this blog, it tells me nothing about u guys/gals?!? i have to say that i’m always weary of websites when i cannot find out who & what is behind the blog/site, etc. can ya send me a note ((here or on my fbook link below) & let me know what’s up & what orgs ur working with , etc? I was particularly looking 4 more articles on Vandana Shiva’s work against Monsantos frankenfood crazyness. thankx, Rob M.

  2. Dear Maggie,

    I know you are there and it makes me happy…

  3. Thank you for your comment and know that I am here for the good of the humble people of this world.

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