Excerpt from the Book “Earth’s Forbidden Secrets” by Max Igan

Ninety percent of all wars that have been fought in the last 2000 years have been waged over religion and yet all religions ultimately stem from the same source. It has been said that if all of mankind were truly educated in the singular source of all religions and in the true nature of our world and mans relation to it, there could never possibly be wars fought over doctrines described in books. The Ancients, we shall see, had no religion, as such, but instead had what could be described as a deeper knowledge of reality, a science and religion that were both integrally combined into a way of life.
Education is mankind’s greatest natural resource. Only through total education can mankind truly ensure a balanced and harmonious future, and in a world such as ours, education should be free and mandatory. With proper and open education everything else falls into place.
The scholastic institutions we have established for ourselves are in fact highly detrimental to the pursuit of true learning and the current distribution of selected knowledge based on the economic ability of the individual can ultimately only lead to a break down of our society such as we are even now beginning to witness on our streets. Yet even with this, education is always one
of the lowest expenditures in the budgets of any given Nation.
Education and knowledge should not be the property of an elitist club greedily hoarding its wealth, but a free and open establishment designed for the benefit and progress of the whole of mankind.

The beginnings, both of earth and of man, are a complete mystery.
The theories concerning our beginnings that we have been presented with, by both Academics, who talk of evolution and gradualism; and by Theologians who claim creation, are each fraught with a myriad of inconsistencies and contradictions. In reality, the true histories of both man and of our planet are still an enormous riddle. It would seem that all anthropological, archeological
and now even genetic evidence says that modern man simply does not belong here.
The question was posed by scholar Zechariah Sitchin in this manner: “If life indeed began through a series of spontaneous and random chemical events as evolution and science has so far surmised then why is it that all life on Earth stems from a single source and not from a myriad of different sources that were each arrived at by chance? And most importantly why does life on Earth contain so few of the chemical elements that can be found in abundance on the Earth yet so many others that are in fact, celestial elements, and rare to our planet? Could it be possible that the seed of life did not actually evolve on the Earth but in fact came here from somewhere else?”
We have, in some ways, gained some insight into the very first stages of our Solar System and our home planet. How it was first formed from the gases, elements and primordial stuff of the universe, gradually cooling into a solid sphere and how the elements then reacted and combined until somehow at last, the spark of life was born; but from then on, it becomes a little hazy.

Embracing evolution, scholars have taught us that all life on earth first came from the sea, gradually finding limbs and crawling its way onto land where it slowly evolved to form new creatures, and eventually birds, animals and all other life. We are taught that in ancient times,well before the dawn of man, strange prehistoric beasts of huge proportions ruled the earth,enormous cold blooded reptilian creatures, which we have named Dinosaur, meaning: “Terrible
Lizard.” It is believed they first appeared around 193 million years ago and reigned supreme until most were wiped out some 65 million years ago in the shattering impact of a meteorite or comet fragment in the vicinity of the Gulf of Mexico. The event caused mass extinctions among many species by covering the entire globe with a cloud of dust and debris plunging the planet into a nuclear winter and a devastating ice age. But, almost miraculously, small pockets of the
prehistoric creatures somehow withstood the ravages of cold, survived the ice age and continued to evolve. Then there is a kind a ‘grey area’ during which the first man evolved from apes and began life in caves some 2 to 3 million years ago. During that time primitive man is said to have evolved from primates through to Australopithecus, Homo-Habilis; Homo-Erectus; then Neanderthal species, which eventually declined to be replaced by Cro-Magnon a species that was very similar to modern man that seemed to appear apparently from nowhere. Then eventually Cro-Magnon was itself replaced when the first species of Homo-Sapiens was born about 250,000 years ago. Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens or modern man is said to have first appeared about 40,000 years ago, at which point it’s not considered to be too ‘grey’ anymore and we’re told that mans
history then becomes a relatively straightforward affair: Over time, man ceased dwelling in caves, learned to become hunters and gatherers, formed villages to live within organized communities and slowly progressed to civilization about 6,000 years ago, eventually learning to sail and travel,and finally culminating in our current civilization and advanced level of technology.
We are therefore, in the 21st century, at the very cutting edge and peak of mans technological achievement so far. Never before in the history of our species has man had such wonders at his fingertips as those we have created for ourselves in the brief moment in time that is the 150 odd years since the industrial revolution of the 1800’s – apparently.
All scientific investigation into our past up to this point has been designed to fit within this orderly paradigm. But due to these restrictions, and even with all of the significant advances in technology we may have made in the past 150 years, we have made very little progress in solving the puzzles presented to us by the earths past.
The reality is that our distant history is still an enormous riddle. We only know what we do from the gradual piecing together of the many enigmatic and confusing traces that have so far been recovered from around the world, but our true knowledge of ancient history still remains confusing, unknown, or fragmented at best.
All we really have are various creation myths and theories. And it must be clearly understood here that in the case of archeology and even evolution, theories are really no more than ideas and possibilities; one person putting forth what they see as a rational scenario based on the various information or artifacts they have personally been able gather and study. A hypothesis or possibility based on available evidence. These theories are then put forth to the Academic
community for peer review and when the evidence that led to the conclusions has been tested and assessed and criticized and re-assessed and re-criticized and the idea has been deemed agreeable by all parties, an overall assumption of fact is born. This “fact” can then be used as a basis, or ‘rule of thumb,’ for further studies; that is, until someone else comes along and disproves it by discovering and proving a new ‘fact’. That is how peer review works.

For example: the theory encompassing the entire history of mans ascension that was just described for you on the second page was surmised from scientists studying a total collection of a mere 200 hundred bone fragments, which was the entire amount that had been excavated and recovered from around the world at the time. And the theory has never really been subject to any serious revision or academic challenge.
The entire theory is also based on the assumption that Darwin was correct…


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